ITC PSPD: The Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division (PSPD) of ITC Limited came into existence in November 2002 with the amalgamation of ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd. and ITC Ltd.

The division comprises of 4 units at Bhadrachalam, Bollaram, Koval and Tribeni with a total production capacity of 500,000tpa. Some of the leading brands manufactured by ITC PSPD are Cyber XL Pac (Coated Folding Box board), Pearl and Safire Graphik (Coated SBS boards), Indobev and Indo barr (Polyextruded boards for food packaging), Art Maestro and Carte Persona.

All ITC units are certified under ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001. ITC PSPD has pioneered a farm and social plantation program supported by their R&D efforts, where they have developed high-yielding, site-specific, disease-resistant clones of eucalyptus, subabul, casuarina and other species, which are distributed to farmers and supported by a comprehensive package of plantation and management practices. Through this programme, ITC has greened more than 1,00,000 hectares of land.

ITC is the first Indian paper company to become a member of Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN) an initiative to eliminate illegal logging and transform the global marketplace Into a force for saving the worlds valuable and threatened forests. With this membership of GFTN, ITC has committed to progressively bring under credible certification, larger volumes of their products over the next few years. This commitment Is crystallized In a policy available as a public document on the WWFGFTN website.

ITC Limited PSPD is the foremost name in the Paperboards and Specialty Papers business. Its pre-eminent status is a legacy of pioneering efforts and the fulfillment of customer needs.